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Summer Camps are finally here! Due to high demand over the past few summers, we will be running two camps per week; one for youth aged 7 -10, and one for youth aged 11-14.

If you would like to sign up your youth for our camps, you must:

1. Fill out this Google form...
2. Select a camp from the list below.


Thank you!

Forms filled in without matching payments will go on our waiting lists.

Bring your own peanut free snacks; Students should be prepared to go outside.

Curious? Sign-up for our Newsletter.

Serious? Sign-up for one of our Maker Clubs.

Committed? Join the MakerLab.


Introducing Badges

Our Badges are digital and may be recognized by some educational institutions for credit.


For more information and to see our active Badges visit our Badges page.

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